Monday, July 11, 2005


We went first to a village shop to hire the special boots for $5. They have long metal spikes underneath for gripping the ice. Bring you own woollen socks. A combi-van sent us to within a km of the glacier. We walked the rest of the way because there was no road, just a rocky path to the start of the glacier. Every one was very excited because this was our first trip to see a real glacier. Fox glacier is another famous tourist attraction.

2.tour guide

The kiwi guy was our tour guide. He recommended us to wear shorts for the climb. A small backpack is useful for carrying your shoes, camera, water bottle and jacket.

3. our group

There were 8 persons in our tour group. The other 4 persons came from Singapore. The guide recommended wearing shorts rather than long pants or jeans.

4.follow the leader

We were divided into two groups: hard or easy. The easy climb going 5 km on to the glacier. The hard one goes 3 km further and is meant for people who are fitter.

5. Kevin

Kevin wants his picture taken too!

6. ladies first

Christine seems to be enjoying the climb in and out of crevasses and tunnels.


The walk on the ice seemed to be endless; but we were seeing ice that has laid there for hundreds of years and has not melted! How is that possible?


Without that ladder it would be hard to climb out of this hole.


Now, who is so kind, cutting steps in the ice for the tourists?

10. ice

Here the ice looks dirty.


Pearl went down to another crevasse.

12. Kevin

Inside this crevasse the ice is cleaner. The ocean blue colour of the ice is remarkable. Kevin is enjoying himself.

13. river of ice

The ice of the glacier looked very dirty when you get closer. This ice has been there for hundreds of years, that's why. Glaciers are not formed from freshly fallen snow.

14. homeward bound

It was a very long walk back to the bus, about 5 km. We were all feeling very tired and looked forward very much to the hot shower back at the back packer.

15. Franz Josef village

It was an unforgetable NZ experience, not to be missed by any tourist. The other must-do is the bungy jump at Queenstown.

16. Backpacker

The backpacker had a well equipped kitchen where we cooked dinner: rice, cabbages and lamb chops. Come to think of it, we seem to be eating a lot of cabbages!